I Can't Verify My Google+ Local Account

When you first claim your  page, Google verifies your identity by either calling you on the registered telephone number, or sending you a pin number via the post to your registered address.

Google Places Postcard PIN Number

This pin number is then entered into your Google+ Local admin page which tells Google you are either the business owner or an authorised representative for the business concerned.

Verify by PIN Google Places Account

Verifying your  ought not be difficult, however if you are experiencing difficulties I can help you.

I have helped many clients verify their listing on Google+ Local, to some this problem can seem daunting, however I am experienced in dealing with difficult cases and you can rest assured that from day one your Google+ Local listing page will be both professional and a fully functioning lead generating machine.

Why not give me a call today to discuss your specific problems, you can either by telephone or by e-mail using the contact form in the right-hand sidebar of this webpageGoogle Places Help Contact Us.

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